When is my deposit due?

If you're applying for a rental property; find out when you'll be expected to make a deposit.

If you're interested in one of our rental properties, you might be curious, "When is my deposit due?"

Deposits are due at the time of your move-in walkthrough.

Deposits, pet fees, other surcharges & 1st month's rent will all be collected at this time. 

  • Your deposit is equal to your 1st month's rent.
    • Your deposit is due at the same time as your first month's rent (at the move-in walkthrough).
    • Deposits can be paid in the form of: 

We will not accept personal checks for either deposits or rent.

Here is an example of a potential statement of charges due at the time of your move-in walkthrough.

Type of Charge: Example Amount:
First Month's Rent $900
Non-Refundable Deposit $900
Non-Refundable Pet Deposit $200
Total: $2,000