How does the tenant move-in process work?

Learn what to expect when you move into one of our rental properties.

    If your application has been accepted and your lease has been signed, here is what you can expect in the following weeks up until you move into your new residence.

    Showing, application, approval, & lease acceptance

    After the tenant has seen the propertysubmitted an applicationand has received notice that they are approved, the showing agent will decide if we can move forward with signing a lease. 

    Not all approved applicants will be sent a lease agreement. 

    Our company may receive many qualified or approved applications and will decide who to send a lease to based on who best qualifies for the property. Some deciding factors may include: income, credit history, move-in date, agreed rent and deposit amount, rental history, or background report outcomes. 

    As a company, we do business following the Federal Fair Housing Law and welcome Persons of all Races, Color, Religion, Sex, Handicap, Familial Status, or National Origin.

    Move-In walkthrough, deposit & first month's rent collection

    After the lease agreement is signed, the showing agent will coordinate with the tenant on the move in date and will meet the tenant for a walkthrough of the property. One of our staff will schedule a move-in walkthrough with you after your lease has been signed. At the move-in walkthrough, the following will occur:

    1. Deposit & 1st Month's Rent Collected
      1. Your deposit will be collected at your move-in walkthrough. This amount can be found on your lease. 
      2. Deposits must be in the form of a Cashier's Check or Money Order made out to Complete Property Management Solutions.
    2. Key Transfer
      1. The keys to your new residence will be given to you.
    3. Property Inspection
      1. The showing agent will inspect the condition of the property with the tenant and notate any pre-existing damages for later record. The agent will also instruct the new tenant on how to submit work orders for anything pre-existing that may need to be remedied. 
      2. It is important to note that the tenant is accepting the unit AS-IS upon signing the lease agreement.

    Should you make your deposit and 1st month's rent payment online, this could compromise your move-in date as we will need to wait for those funds to clear before you can move in. This can take 3-5 business days. We recommend you only pay as listed above.

    Welcome letter and emails

    Our Property Management Team will send you a welcome email with all you need to know before your move-in date. That will include:

    1. A copy of your lease agreement
    2. What utilities are you responsible for paying
      1. How to transfer utilities in your name
    3. How to set up your Tenant Portal, AppFolio
      1. Here you will pay rent, check on billing information, schedule maintenance requests, and more
      2. This can be accessed via desktop or mobile device
      3. You can learn more about AppFolio here

    Transfer Utilities

    Before you move into the property, utilities may need to be transferred into your name. This must occur before the first date of your lease to avoid a lapse in utility coverage.

    The Property Management team will have already communicated to you which utilities you are responsible for paying & how to contact the companies to transfer services into your name. The date your lease begins, and the date the utilities are billed to you should be the same.

    You must have utilities you are responsible for transferring into your name when your lease begins.

    Move-In! 🎉

    Your move-in date will be set and agreed upon, either on when the lease begins or soon after. 

    What happens now? Read more about being a tenant with CPMS, including: how to schedule a maintenance request, how & when to pay your rent & more!