How should I prepare for moving into my new home?

As a first-time buyer, here's what you need to know before moving in & closing on your new home!

Congratulations on finding a new home! 🎉 While this is an exciting new life experience, you may be feeling a little in the dark about what you need to do before you actually move into your new place. Accomplishing the following should help you to feel more prepared for this big step.

You should wait on the items below if the closing date is not confirmed & especially if there are unresolved issues in the contract process. Refer to your agent first!

  • Transfer gas, electric, water, & sewer into your name + start trash & recycle services.

    You would have been provided (in most cases) a Seller's Disclosure that lists the utility providers for the home. Within a week or so before closing, you will need to contact these utility providers to:
    • Advise when to transfer services (the day you close)
    • Give your name and number
    • Set up billing & online accounts
  • Set up cable, phone, internet, & security systems
    Before you move in, you will want to shop around for providers & confirm they service your area. Sometimes these services take a few days to install, so calling ahead to advise them of the closing date can help you avoid going a few days in your new home without service. 
  • Forward your mail & updating your address
    If you plan to receive mail at this address, now is the time to set up mail forwarding through the USPS. You may also want to contact credit card companies, banks or other mail services to advise them of your new address. 
  • Collect keys, garage door opener, etc.
    During the Final Walkthrough, your agent will collect the keys, garage door opener & anything else you might need (for example a garage door code or gate code). They will pass this along to you after closing is successfully funded by the title company. This is typically occurs on the same day as closing; always verify this with your agent.
  • Hire a moving company 
    Maybe you'll be lucky enough to have some friends or family to help you move to the new home, but if not, you'll want to coordinate a moving service on the day of possession of the property. 

The contract will state what day you are allowed to "possess" the property, i.e. move in.