What to do when a burglary takes place.

Some tips and steps to follow if you have experienced theft of any kind.

While the property management team is not involved with theft at the property, we do have some helpful steps for tenants to follow if they've been affected by burglary. 

  • Notify the police immediately.

    • Submitting a police report on the matter is imperative. While the police may not be able to recover stolen possessions, having a police report may be a vital step in filing an insurance claim.
  • Notify the management team.

    • While the management team may not be able to assist in the recovery of the stolen possessions or remedy the situatioknowing of the issue can help us. 
      • The owner may want to take preventive measures to ensure the future safety of residents. 
      • If the police find another resident liable, the owner may want to take punitive action. 
      • If the owner's possessions were affected, they may desire to place an insurance claim of their own.


  • Practice safety and prevention.

    • Follow some basic guidelines to protect yourself from theft both now and in the future. 
      • If the property has security alarms, ensure they are armed properly.
      • Leave porch lights on at night.
      • Leave an interior light on when you are not home.
      • Do not leave the residence unattended for extended periods (i.e., days at a time). 
        • If you do leave for extended periods of time, ensure management knows, do not advertise your absence, and see if management will allow a temporary person to stay at home in your absence. 
      • Make police aware of any suspicious activity around the property. 
      • Be aware of your surroundings at all times. 
      • Purchase security cameras, motion sensor lights, or security alarms.
        • Ensure you have permission to install these from management.
      • Maintain landscaping for better visibility.
      • Do not leave doors, windows, or garages unlocked or opened.
      • Install secure sliders on sliding glass doors (a door stopper).
      • Keep your valuables in a safe (jewelry, passports, etc.).
      • Do not leave keys hidden outside.
      • Do not leave evidence of large purchases in your trash (i.e., TVs, computers, etc.)
      • Download the NextDoor app to stay in communication with the neighborhood.
      • Do not leave blinds or curtains open at night.
      • Have a way to track your belongings (such as with Apple Airtags, location tracking apps, etc.)
      • Change the locks.
        • Ensure management has a copy of any new keys and consult your lease before scheduling.

If you should ever feel unsafe, uneasy, or in harm's way, you should contact the authorities.

  • Place a work order when necessary.
    • If there was damage to the unit or the property is left vulnerable, notify us of this situation by creating a work order
      • You can also contact our 24/7 emergency service line (314-325-8328).
      • Some examples may include:
        • Broken exterior doors, door handles, or locks.
        • Broken windows.
        • Damage to siding, bricks, fencing, etc.