Are rental deposits refundable?

Learn when & if rental deposits can be refunded to tenants.

Tenants pay rental deposits before moving in & after their application & background check are approved by our Property Management team.

If you are on a lease-to-purchase agreement, this information may vary. Please reach out to our office directly and speak to a representative.

When a tenant is moving out of the leased unit, the Property Management team will go through a few steps to determine if the deposit can be refunded to the tenant. 

During that process, we look to see that all of the following are true: 

  • The unit is clean
  • All personal belongings have been removed
  • The unit has been completely vacated
  • The unit is in the same or similar condition as it was when the tenant moved in
  • The tenant does not currently owe any outstanding fees
  • There is no damage to the property
  • The tenant is not being evicted
  • The tenant has completed the Move Out Checklist

If all the above are true, the tenant will receive the total deposit amount back after completing the move-out process.

Deposit refunds are issued in the form of a check payable to the tenant.