Do you accept Section 8 vouchers?

Read more about when Section 8 vouchers are accepted for our rental properties.

Yes, we do accept applications with Section 8 vouchers in most circumstances!

We will accept Section 8 Housing vouchers when the following are true:

A credit check will be done in all circumstances, even if the applicant has a voucher.

  • The voucher either covers the entirety of the recurring rental amount, or the tenant can afford whatever the voucher does not cover.
      • In circumstances where the voucher does not cover all expenses, the tenant must be able to cover 3x the amount per month that is not covered by the voucher. 
        • For example, the voucher covers $900 per month. The monthly rent is $1,000 per month. The tenant must be able to prove they have an income of at least 3x their portion of the monthly rent ($100). This means the tenant must provide proof of income of at least $300 per month in addition to their voucher. 

    If your voucher does not cover the entire balance of the recurring monthly rental amount, you need to show additional sources of income, or you will be denied.

    Your caseworker can speak with us directly about your voucher amount & specifications to ensure you will be covered. 

    If we receive other applications which do not require a Section 8 Housing voucher, we will consider these applicants first.