Will you honor my current lease as my new management company?

If you're new to CPMS and have a lease from your prior property manager, learn what to expect.

If you're new to our management, you may be concerned about your current lease agreement from the prior management company. Let us answer some common concerns, so you know what to expect going forward.

For month-to-month and fixed leases:

We will honor the current terms of your lease for a time. 

While we will not immediately implement any changes to your lease agreement, after some time managing the property, we may choose to rewrite some or all of the terms in your lease agreement. However, this does not occur for a least 60 days. 

For now, continue making payments on the due date listed in your lease and abide by the terms in the agreement you previously gave.

For lease-to-purchase agreements:

We will continue to honor the current terms of your lease. 

Continue making payments and following your agreement as it has been written! Nothing will change, and you must abide by the terms currently stated. CPMS will collect rent and communicate with you going forward about your agreement.