What if I have unpaid judgments?

If you have unpaid judgments against you, find out how that might impact your rental application.

Your rental application will not be accepted if unpaid judgments are filed against you.

What is a judgment?

As described by the CFPB, a judgment is an attempt to collect an unpaid debt that has been filed against you by the courts. Judgments are a result of a lawsuit, and therefore our company requires that these debts be paid before we will allow a tenant to take on a new financial obligation. 

What you can do. 

We would be happy to reconsider your application as long as all of the following stipulations have been met promptly (i.e., under 30 days of the submission of your application). 

  1. The judgment has been paid to the party who is owed the debt.
  2. satisfaction of judgment has been recorded with the courts and a copy is provided to us. 

Once all of these conditions are met, we can review this information to see if a case can be made regarding your application. Should you not be willing or able to provide us with all of this information, your application will be denied. If your application expires while you attempt to provide us with the required information, a new application may be deemed necessary along with all fees associated.