How much are late fees?

If you are a current tenant, read more about how much late fees are & when they are charged.

Payments are due on all properties on the 1st calendar day of every month.

If payments are not received by the 5th calendar day of each month, they will be subject to a $50 late fee in addition to the late rent. 

Late fees are charged to past-due accounts on the 6th calendar day of each month.

Day of the Month  Ledger Transaction Action
1st day of the month Rent payment due
6th day of the month Late fee is added of $50
7th day of the month -> indefinitely Late fee of $5 is added per day of non-payment

Tenants with outstanding balances may be subject to eviction & provided a notice to vacate the property. In such circumstances, you may still be liable for outstanding balances & layer fees, including past-due rent and late fees. 

I'm under financial hardship.

If for any reason, you believe you will have difficulty making your monthly payment, you should reach out to the Property Manager before the late fees are charged. 

We will encourage you to pursue financial relief if you are experiencing financial hardship. There are many programs available for tenant rental assistance online. If you've pursued rental assistance, fill out the following form to advise us: