What is the standard length of a lease?

Learn more about the terms of our leases & the duration our leases are in effect.

If you're applying for one of our rental properties, you will eventually be required to sign a lease before moving in. In this case, you may want to know our leases' standard term (duration of effect).

Our standard leases are written on one-year terms. 

For example, if your lease were to begin on August 1st of this year, it would expire on August 1st of the following year. At that time, there may be the option to renew the lease if the Property Management Team allows it.

While other options may be available, they are not preferred. Therefore, you may be offered a higher rent rate or additional fees for the agreement to be met.

If you require a shorter-term lease, we may choose another applicant who can sign a lease for one year. A request for a longer-term or shorter-term lease (with or without the offer of additional funds) would always be considered case-by-case after consulting the property owner.