Why are month-to-month lease payments more expensive than one-year lease payments?

If you are on a month-to-month lease with us, find out why your payments might be higher than a typical one-year + lease.

While a month-to-month lease may be more convenient for a tenant, providing them with flexibility & less risk, the risk the property manager & intern, the property owner, takes on in this circumstance is much greater than a typical one-year + lease. 

Therefore, because these types of leases carry more significant risks, they will owe a higher monthly rent amount. These higher charges give the property owner a little more protection.

Our standard leases are on yearly terms. 

You may have the option to change your lease to a longer-term (a term meaning the duration of the lease). Please feel free to contact our property management team at any time to request that your lease change from month-to-month to a one-year (or longer) lease term.