When will I be able to move into the home I am purchasing?

If you know the closing date, but you're not sure when you can move in....find your answers here!

Thankfully, the answer to this question is very simple & easy to find - it's on your sales contract. When reviewing your sales contract, there will be a section that states the date you will close, who you will close with, & when you will be allowed to "possess" the property. 

The date of possession on your sales contract is the date you are able to move in.

However, if the title company has not received funds by this date, you will have to wait until that occurs to possess the property.

Typically, funding is received on the same date that closing occurs, as long as closing was scheduled before wire cut-off times. Wire cut-off times may vary, but they are usually by 3 pm. If closing was finished close to this time, or after this time, funding may be delayed. 

The title company will notify you, as well as your agent, when the funds are received & all is finalized. Once this notice is received, you are free to move in!