How does the tenant move-out process work?

Find out how we handle the end of a lease & what the move-out process looks like for our current tenants.

If you've given notice that you plan to end your lease or wish to break your lease, we will begin the move-out process. Here is what you can expect during this transition:

If you are on a lease-to-purchase agreement, this process may differ. Please get in touch with our offices to speak to a representative.

1. Move-Out Notice is Given:

When the tenant has decided to move out, they are required to notify the office in writing. The move-out date must match the lease end date agreed to in the lease. Tenants must give notice at least 30 days before the date they plan to move out. Should the move-out date differ from the lease end date, there may need to be amendments to extend the lease, or there may be charges to end the lease agreement early.

Notice can be given on the online tenant portal, AppFolio, under the Contact Us tab.

2. Move-Out Date is Scheduled:

The property management team will reach out with instructions for the move-out and a checklist to prepare for moving day. At this time, we will verify the date move-out will be scheduled and set the expectations for what to expect:
Move-Out notice given in writing 30 days before move-out
Early showings *optional Anytime before moving day *with permission
The unit is cleaned, and belongings are removed By or before moving day
Moving day The lease end date
Locks are changed, and the unit is inspected 24 hours after moving day
Deposits and charges are reconciled Within 30 days of moving day

Move Out Cleaning Checklist

3. Moving Day:

By moving day (which should be the same as the end date of the lease), all of the following should be true:
  • The unit is clean (tenants will be emailed a checklist to use as a guide)
  • All personal belongings have been removed
  • The unit has been completely vacated
  • The unit is in the same or similar condition as it was when the tenant moved in
    • I.e., damages to the property.

Keys should be left in the lock box which was installed at the property. The office will notify you of the code for this lockbox before installing it. However, you can call us to verify this information as well. 

Locks will be changed 24 hours after moving the moving date.

Failure to leave the keys in the lockbox will result in a fine for the lock change to the tenant.

4. Fees & Deposits Reconciled:

An inspection of the property will be conducted, and locks will be changed 24 hours after the move-out date. During this inspection, the maintenance team will review the condition of the unit and note the damages that the tenant is responsible for, as well as the cleanliness of the unit. 
The office will notify the tenant if any deductions are held due to damages identified in this inspection. This is called a disposition letter.
The office has 30 days from the move-out date to issue this disposition letter. Typically it will take all of that timeframe to submit this notice to you.
If the tenant is being evicted, has breached their lease, or owes back fees, they may not receive their entire deposit.
The deposit is returned to the tenant if no damages are found or outstanding balances are left unpaid, and the tenant leaves the unit clean.

Deposit refunds are issued through a check payable to the tenant.  

 Who is responsible for transferring utilities?

It is not vital that the tenant transfers the utilities out of their name, as the Property Management Team will update the utilities during the move-out process. If a tenant should decide to call, the end date for utilities must equal the last day of the lease.