Making your rent payments.

Learn where you can pay your monthly rental payments as one of our tenants.

    How can I pay my rent?

    1. Credit Card: 3.49% of the total amount per transaction.
    2. Debit Card: $9.99 flat fee per transaction.
    3. eCheck: Free (transaction fee waived at time of payment).
      1. This payment method can take about 3-5 days to process.
    4. Electronic Cash Payments: $3.99 for every $2,000.00. (Except 7-11, which is $1,500).
    5. Retail Cash Payslip
      1. You can access your cash payslip via AppFolio and take this with you to pay cash at CVS or 7-Eleven.

    Where do I pay my rent?

    Rent payments are accepted via your Tenant Portal, AppFolio. Our Property Management team will invite you to your tenant portal after your lease is signed if your residence was recently transferred to us, or you can go to the link above and request a login.

    How do I access my tenant portal, AppFolio?

    You will be sent an invite to AppFolio after your lease is signed, which will grant you access to use AppFolio in all of the following ways:

    • Desktop computer
      • You can also access the portal here on their website & request a login
      • A link is listed on our website as well, under the "Rentals" tab
    • Mobile App
      • You can download AppFolio from your mobile device's app store and use the same login credentials.

    You can read more about the AppFolio Tenant portal on their help page here!

    What about utility payments?

    If you pay for utilities, those will be paid separately from your rent directly to the utility company.

    You will make payments directly to the utility company & you should receive a bill from that company. Our team will have been notified during the move-in if you are responsible for any utilities.