Am I required to use a specific internet or phone provider at my rental property?

If you're looking to rent one of our properties, learn more about requirements for internet, phone & cable providers.

Optional utilities or services 

Thankfully for you, we do not have any requirements for our tenants to use specific providers for optional services. The choice is entirely yours on what company, if any, you would like to sign up with. Some examples of these services may include:

  • Internet
  • Security 
  • Cable
  • Phone

You are not required to carry these services & it is at your discretion to set them up when you move in! If you do decide to set up cable, internet, phone, or other additional services, you will be responsible for ending them before vacating the property.

In your lease, you must carry certain utilities such as electric, gas, sewer, trash, and water, and in some cases, lawn maintenance. These are not optional.

Need an approval letter from the property manager?

Should any of these companies need to access or alter the property in any way (such as installing a dish, drilling holes, etc.), you will need the property manager's permission before setting up services.