What do I need to know about rental assistance?

If you are planning to, or already receive rental assistance, here is everything you need to know.

There are a plethora of rental assistance programs available to the public, and tenants may choose to apply for them at any time during their lease. While we cannot recommend any particular programs, we will be willing to work with whomever the tenant opts to use for rental assistance. 

As a tenant, if you choose to apply for rental assistance, you must let us know as soon as possible. 

If you are on a lease-to-purchase agreement, this may differ. Please contact our offices to speak to a representative.

Some companies may require information or documentation from us as the property manager for your application to be approved. For you to receive assistance promptly, it is vital that you advise us right away.

Some of the things we will need to know will include: 

  • The name of the program
  • The status of your application
  • Contact information or website for the program
  • The Application/Account or ID number

You can send us this information by filling out a simple form on our website here.

Once you are approved, our team will notify you when checks are received, we will notify you. 

Should your rental assistance expire or be discontinued, it will be your responsibility to make future rent payments or reapply.