What are the rules and regulations?

Read our in-depth rules and regulations for tenants renting from us.

If you would like to print out a copy of these rules and regulations, you can check out our move-in booklet here.

If you are on a lease-to-purchase agreement, this may differ. Please contact our offices to speak to a representative.

The Rules & Regulations are spelled out in the Lease Agreement in detail. Tenants must follow all Rules & Regulations, even those not listed below. 

  1. Roommate not on the lease agreement
    1. Occupancy is limited to those listed on the lease agreement. Unapproved occupants staying in the home over 14 days must be approved for tenancy.
  2. Unpaid utilities
    1. Tenants must initiate service for tenant-paid utilities prior to moving in. Delays in starting or paying for services will result in charges to the tenant ledger.
  3. Repairs needed
    1. Tenants must report all maintenance items immediately as a work order request through the AppFolio online Tenant Portal.
  4. Smoking of any kind
    1. Smoking within the building, hallways, elevators, or common areas is strictly prohibited.
  5. Deck, Balcony & Patio misuse
    1. These areas must remain free of debris, garbage, bicycles, furniture & clutter. Pets may not use the bathroom in such areas.
  6. Unauthorized satellite dishes
    1. Satellite dishes & antennas may not be installed on multi-family buildings.
  7. Debris in walkways
    1. Walkways & stairs must remain free of debris, garbage, bicycles, furniture & clutter.
  8. Burnt-out light bulbs
    1. The tenant is responsible for keeping light bulbs in working order.
  9. Space heater inside
    1. Kerosene space heaters or space heaters with coils are prohibited.
  10. Neighbor complaints
    1. Residents are to respect the rights of neighbors & make every effort to resolve disputes that arise amicably. It is not the role of the management staff to intervene in neighbor disputes.
  11. Appointments with pets present
    1. Authorized pets are to be crated, kenneled, or otherwise separated during maintenance or extermination appointments.
  12. Noisy neighbors
    1. Tenants & their guests shall respect their neighbor's peace & quiet & keep all noise to a minimum.
  13. Unsanitary conditions
    1. Tenants shall keep the premises clean, sanitary & neat at all times.
  14. Parking
    1. Vehicles shall only be parked in designated spaces & must be operational.
  15. Throwing away trash
    1. All trash & garbage shall be in tied plastic bags & placed in proper receptacles.
  16. Non-permitted pets
    1. No animals shall be permitted inside the premises at any time without authorization.
  17. Grilling in non-permitted areas
    1. Barbeques & grills are only permitted outside at least 5 feet from the building.

 Should the tenant live in a residence with an HOA, the tenant must abide by the rules and regulations of the HOA in addition to those listed above.