What is a Supra keybox?

Learn more about how Supra allows access to a property & what you can expect as a homeowner?

What is a Supra?

A Supra eKey, is a blue/gray box, placed somewhere at a property, which contains a key to the home. Typically, this is located on the front door, side entry, railing, or anywhere it can be locked securely near the home. This box is placed by the listing agent (who usually owns it) when the property is preparing for market, and removed when the property is sold. 

Who has access?

Typically Realtors will have access to Supra key boxes & use them primarily to show buyers the home. However, photographers, videographers, contractors, assistants, etc. may use this to access the property at other points in time. Supra key box members use an app on their phone to open the keybox, remove the key, & return the keys when the "showing" is completed.

What does the homeowner see? 

What is wonderful about the Supra keybox is the ability for the homeowner & the agent to easily see who is coming & going at the property in real time. Notifications can be set-up so that a text or email will alert all parties when a showing has begun, who opened the keybox, & when a showing has ended. 

This way the homeowner knows the frequency of showings, when the home is available, & who has been to their home.