When do I need to make my monthly rental payment?

Make sure you know when your rent payment is due each month as one of our tenants.

If you are on a lease-to-purchase agreement, this process may differ. Please contact our offices to speak to a representative.

Rent is due the 1st calendar day of each month and late fees are applied on the 5th calendar day of each month.

Your lease agreement will always state the due date, recurring rent amount & late fee penalties. If you need to review a copy of your lease agreement, please contact us for a copy.

Rent payments are made via AppFolio each month.

Some payment methods may take multiple days to process. Please ensure you know when your payment will be posted to your AppFolio Tenant Portal to avoid late fees or receiving eviction notices.

If you pay for utilities, these are paid separately from your rent directly to the utility company.  You should receive a bill from that company. You will have been notified during the move-in process if you are responsible for any utilities.

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You can read more about the AppFolio Tenant portal on their help page here!