What is AppFolio/What is a Tenant Portal?

Learn more about your tenant portal including how to gain access to it!

On the AppFolio Tenant Portal, tenants will have online access via their phone or computer to: 

  • Pay monthly rent
  • Submit maintenance requests
  • Submit a notice to move-out
  • View documents

You can watch this short video to see all the features you might want access to on your portal.

HubSpot Video

How to gain access

You can easily access AppFolio on your desktop computer or by downloading the application on your mobile phone (Apple App Store or Google Play). If you cannot find the link on your desktop computer to log in, you can access it on our website under "Rentals"!

If you do not have access, one of our staff can send you an invitation.

If you haven't logged in before, you can request a login on the AppFolio page, and our Property Management team will grant you access. You will also be sent an invite directly once your lease is signed or when our company starts managing your property.

Still have questions?

  1. What are the accepted payment methods & associated fees?
  2. When do I need to make my rent payment?

You can read more about the AppFolio Tenant portal on their help page here!