When can I expect to hear back about my application?

Find out the expected turnaround times for processing rental applications.

After you've successfully completed our application on any property, our team will begin reviewing this information and decide whether we can move forward.

It can take 3-5 business days to review applications at a minimum

What is being reviewed?

Once all applicants/co-signers have submitted applications, our team will run an extensive background checkverify income, contact references, and collect supplementary documents. 

During the review process, we are verifying the following information: 

  • All information received is valid (no suspicion of forgery, identity theft, or other fraud).
  • All required information has been received from all applicants and co-signers.
    • Proof of income.
    • Valid forms of ID.
    • Credit report.
    • Background check results.
    • References, rental history, employment history, and contact information.
    • Any vouchers, receipts, any satisfaction of judgment, licenses, tax records, or other supplementary documents.
  • The application meets our requirements.
    • Based on this information, in accordance with Fair Housing Laws, our staff will come to a decision on the application: Approved, Denied, or Conditionally Approved.

Will I be notified?

Regardless of the decision of the application (Approved, Denied, or Conditionally Approved), all applicants will be notified either by email, phone, or mail (in that order).

If the application is approved and the company decides to move forward, all applicants will be sent the lease paperwork via email to sign, and the move-in process will begin.

What are the reasons I might not receive a lease?

Unless the application is approved (for example, conditional approval or denial), the management company will not proceed. In some cases, multiple applications might be approved, meaning the management company will not be able to move forward with all applicants. We do our best to limit this, but it is always possible.

What if other people apply?

Simply applying does not guarantee that a lease will be sent to you; an approved status does not mean you will be chosen to rent the property. Because the rental market can be highly competitive, our staff often must decide between multiple approved applicants at any time. We do our best to avoid this by de-listing the property. However, applications can be submitted freely online. When this occurs, we follow Fair Housing Laws and determine the best fit for the property based on income, job history, creditworthiness, deposit, and rent. We may allow applicants to increase deposits, rent amounts, etc., to secure their place. 

An approved application that meets our criteria does not guarantee an executed lease.

What if the property is filled before we get to your request?

If the property is filled before your application is processed, we will email you.

Application fees are non-refundable, but applications may be freely transferred to any of our other properties.