Can I apply for a rental property if I am self employed?

Learn more about how we verify income on our rental applications for self-employed individuals.

What income sources are accepted?

We require all rental applicants to have stable & recurring income. The applicant's total income must be at least 3x the monthly rent amount.

Here are some examples of reliable sources of income:

  1. Part-Time or Full-Time/Salary Employment (including self-employment).
  2. Pension or disability.
  3. Secondary employment.
  4. Housing vouchers.
  5. Additional sources of secondary income (alimony, child support, etc.).
    1. Only when this income is not considered the primary/sole source of income.

Here are some examples of unreliable sources of income:

  1. 401k or IRA balances.
  2. Stimulus checks.
  3. Unemployment.
  4. Or any other non-recurring, inconsistent income source.

How to add other forms of income to our rental application.

You can visit our website to apply for any properties listed and then follow the tutorial in this video to complete your application.

Do I need to include any documents?

We would love to have as much information as possible to confirm your income source. Please attach any documentation showing the recurring payments and where the income is received from. 

Proof of income can be included on your application or emailed to us anytime.

You will have the option to upload supplementary income documents on the "Attach Documents" page, such as tax returns.