How to transfer my utilities before moving in?

Learn more about when and how to transfer utilities you are responsible into your name and begin paying.

Yay! You're moving into your new place. There are a few essential items you now need to address before you'll be settled and can enjoy your new space, one of which is transferring utility service into your name.

When the property management team has relayed what utilities you are responsible for, you will need to transfer those utilities into your name to receive a bill.

Payment for these bills will be made directly to the utility company in whatever method of payment & frequency you set up with them. You do not need to include utility amounts in addition to your agreed rental amount for utilities you are responsible for paying unless otherwise specified. You will pay these utilities directly to the utility company.

After your utilities are set up, make sure to let our staff know your account number.

What utilities am I responsible for?

Not only are the utilities you will pay for spelled out in your lease agreement, but our property management team will reach out to you to let you know what you are responsible for paying. These may include electric, gas, grass, water, sewer, or trash. We do not mandate cable, internet, or security/alarm.

You are responsible for paying the utilities listed in your lease agreement.

Before you move in, we will confirm these utilities with you so everything is clear, but as always, it is very important that you defer to your lease for all matters regarding your residency. The lease can always be found on your tenant portal, AppFolio.

How do I transfer services?

You could transfer services the old-fashion way by looking up providers, picking up the phone, and making a phone call. Or, if you're a part of our Resident Benefits Program, you could utilize our convenient one-call scheduling option on our utility concierge site!

Use Citizen Home Solution, our convenient Utility Concierge, to set up all your utilities!

Some utilities do not have a designated service provider, so Citizen Home Solutions will help you find the very best rate available and set it up for you in one appointment.

When should my utilities start in my name?

Make sure to schedule utilities to start on the same date as your move-in date to avoid being without them for even a day or two. It's best to give these companies a few business days advance notice, as service can take some time to set up.

What if they won't transfer service?

Some companies require a bit more elbow grease than others. Here are some common problems you might encounter and how to solve them:

  1. Problem: The utility company won't transfer the bill out of the owner's name
    1. Solution: Ask for a copy of the bill to be emailed or mailed to you as the resident of the home. Ex. Metro. Sewer District (MSD)
  2. Problem: The utility company needs a letter of authorization from the homeowner/property manager.
    1. Solution: Fill out this form, and our staff will help!
  3. Problem: There are multiple utility providers available. 
    1. Solution: You may choose whatever option best fits your budget and needs.

If you are still waiting to receive an email regarding the utilities you are responsible for paying & how to transfer them into your name & you have signed a lease with us, you can contact us via chat or email.