How to add someone to the lease.

Find out how you can add someone to your lease at any time during your residence.

All persons who plan to reside at the property (18 and older) must complete an application, undergo our background check, and sign a lease. Only if they meet our criteria may they be added to the lease. 

If you are on a lease-to-purchase agreement, this process may differ. Please contact our offices to speak to a representative.

Submit a request

Email us at with your request to add a resident to your lease.

Please include:

  • Name of the person(s)
  • Email address(es)
  • Phone number(s)

Complete the application

Once your request is received, you will receive an email from us with a request to fill out our application.

     This application is not free to completeAll applicants & cosigners are required to complete an application & verify their income.

    Our applications are not free to complete. A completed application, background check, income verification & proof of ID are required before applications can be approved.

    You can learn more about our applications here.

    Application, background check & income verification

    Once all applicants/co-signers have submitted applications, our team will run an extensive background checkverify income, contact references, collect photo ID & make a decision on whether the application can be accepted. 

    Each applicant will be charged $40 (including cosigners).

    Application fees are non-refundable and a completed application & verification of income are required for all parties applying to rent. Tenants under the age of 18 will not be financially responsible, and therefore will not submit an application, but will be listed on the lease as an additional household member.

    If the application is approved, all applicants will be sent the lease paperwork via email to sign.