What happens once my offer is accepted (as a buyer)?

Read more about what you can expect when you are under contract to purchase a home.

Congrats on getting your offer accepted! 🎊

What we do for you:

Now that you are under contract, there are many working pieces, happening simultaneously as we work toward closing. Your agent and the rest of the team will work together to ensure everything progresses smoothly. This will include monitoring deadlines, and communicating with the title companies, lenders, agents, inspectors & anyone else involved. You'll be updated often throughout the entire process & we will make sure you know what is coming up next. 

What you need to do:

Communicating with your title company and lender throughout this process is key to ensuring everything runs efficiently. If you have questions, don't hesitate to ask & if something comes up you think could interfere with the closing, notify us immediately. Making sure requests from us, your title company & your lender are completed in a timely fashion is crucial.

What happens next:

Day One

The agent will send all contract related documents to the title company, lender, & the other agent. The agent will be responsible for making sure inspections are scheduled, appraisal timeline is confirmed, and title work is ordered. Your agent will email you a detailed description of what you are responsible to do next.

Earnest Money

You will be responsible to deposit your earnest money to the title company indicated on the sales contract as soon as possible. You can typically deposit this by wire, dropping off a personal check during business hours or via a night drop, or by online payment.

Be sure to put the property address in the memo and email us a copy so we have it for your file. The title company will issue a receipt to the agent & you once it is process. This receipt will be given to the seller. 

Buyer Inspection Period

The length of the inspection period is listed on the sales contract. Within the timeframe designated, we will schedule any inspection you opt for, with whatever inspection you would like to use. This inspection period offers an opportunity to discover the conditions that were previously unknown when you viewed the property.

Inspections typically last a few hours and you will receive a report on the condition of the home. Some examples of inspections may include: building, termite, radon, gas/mechanical & AC, chimney, and sewer lateral inspections.

Once we receive the report from the inspector, we will reach out to review it with you. Any items that are not satisfactory will be address with an inspection notice.

Municipal Inspections

Should occupancy or fire inspections be required, the party who is responsible per the sales contract will order these. These inspections will be resolved during the period indicated on the sales contract so that you can be provided with a passed inspection, apply for a occupancy permit, and occupy the property after closing.


Now that you are under contract, it is important to select a provider quickly to get homeowners insurance in place before you close. Your contract details how long you have (typically 10 tens from acceptance) to let the listing agent know if you cannot get insurance coverage on the home. Please be sure to let your lender know who your insurance agent is so they can get the details on your home insurance squared away.

Loan Commitment

Be sure to speak with your lender before making any large purchases (such as purchasing a new vehicle or applying for a credit card). Now that you are under contract, it's important your lender is aware of any purchases or transferring of money done from now until your closing date.

Your lender will be the one who issues loan commitment on behalf of the lending institution. The loan commitment will need to be issued by the lender before the loan commitment deadline spelled out in the sales contract.


Your lender will be contacting you about ordering the appraisal. You will not need to be present for the appraisal, but a copy will be provided to you once the appraisal is finished. 


Your title company will contact you, if you’ve chosen to purchase a survey. You will receive a copy of this report when it is completed.

Title Commitment

Your title company will be sending the title commitment, which is a commitment to issue title insurance. The title company searches the property and reviews all the requirements to issue the title insurance.  The title commitment will need to be issued by the title company before the title commitment deadline spelled out in the sales contract. 

Utility Transfer

Keep in mind that utilities will need to be switched into your name before closing so they are on when you move in! 

Final Walk through

Before closing, the agent will do a final walk through with you. This is done to ensure that the home is still in the same condition as when you submitted your offer. Additionally, this will be the time to review any work that has been completed in reference to the agreed upon inspection notice.


As closing approaches, we will get you scheduled for signing with your title company. We will let your lender know the time you’ve been scheduled to close. You will be told exactly how much needs to be brought to closing by certified funds. Be sure to bring your ID, too! You will be able to move in on the date indicated on the sales contract.

You can read more articles about being under contract here on our site, or reach out to our team at any time.